Options and Upgrades

Eddy Current

   Eddy Current Load Control

  Eddy current absorption unit and all necessary hardware to attach to roller. Perform loaded tests, including step, sweep, and closed loop. (pit or above ground)
4wd upgrade


  Add to an existing model 224x or 224xLC to gain four wheel drive testing capability. Available for pit or above ground installation. Can accommodate 88” to 130” wheelbase (Optional 98” to 140”).
Dynamometer linx upgrade

   424 Linx System 

  Mechanically links 424x or 424xLC2 dynos to eliminate potential speed differentials between dyno rollers.
above ground kit


   Above-Ground Platform Kit

  Necessary when using the four-post lift. Consists of a platform for the rear of the dyno with a lift interface kit.
Dynamometer pit covers

   Pit Covers 

  Required when installing the dynamometer into a pit/in-ground installation. Covers open areas exposing the dyno roller only.
power ramps

   Power Ramps 

  Hydraulic actuated ramp system for loading vehicles on 224x or 224xLC models.
wideband system

   Air/Fuel Ratio Dual Monitor 

  2 channel module to measure real-time air/fuel using high-flow pump w/ sample tube or bung. Comes with 1 wideband oxygen sensor. Second sensor not included.
wideband system

   OBDII Data Link 

The OBDII Data Link plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBDII port and brings data from the vehicle’s ECM directly into DynoWare RT. When used with CAN-based vehicle ECM's, you can use the OBDII engine RPM channel as your dyno’s primary RPM signal! Data can be viewed in real-time and saved with the dyno graph. Comes with 1 wideband oxygen sensor. Second sensor not included.
optical rpm pickup


   Optical RPM Pickup 

  Includes magnetic base, optical sensor and reflective tape. Recommended when testing diesel engine vehicles. Can also be used for other purposes such as measuring pulley slip.
analog module

   Analog Channel Accessories 

Analog Sensor Cable Kit (Used for connecting customer supplied 0-5v sensors to DynoWare RT Main Control Module – includes 4 harness kits).
-14.7-45psi Pressure Sensor Kit (includes 1 sensor and harness) 
0-100psi Pressure Sensor Kit (includes 1 sensor and harness) 

   IR-Temp Sensor Kit 

  Includes 1 0-500F sensor, magnetic base and mounting stand.

   O2 Sensor Kits 

  Includes one wideband O2 sensor with harness for use with AFR-2 for dual air/fuel readings. Available in a 6ft or 12 ft harness length.
ex rmp module


   EZ RPM Module 

  Receive RPM signal by plugging into cigarette/accessory power port or connect to positive/negative battery posts for RPM signal.

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