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Model SD12

The SD12 has a clever fold-up design with rollers, enabling it to be easily moved for use and storage, maximizing space inside the work shop. The SD12 comes with a folding ramp and foot activated brake as standard features and can accommodate wheelbases from 60 to 74 inches. The SD12 uses our proven PowerCore Software Suite for accurate and repeatable measurement of horsepower, torque, and speed. The Dynojet Air/Fuel Ration Monitor can be used with the SD12.

Standard Features and Equipment

Dynamometer Specifications Information

Below is a list of the Dynamometer specifications. In addition, you can download a pdf specs. document from below. For additional specifications related questions, please give us a call at: 01995 600500.

  Pre-installation Guide   Download   Total Width Unfolded   34 in / 86 cm
  Maximum Power   25kW (33.5hp)   Total Height Folded   83 in / 211 cm      
  Maximum Torque   45Nm (33.5 lb-ft)   Total Height Unfolded   24 in / 61 cm
  Maximum Speed   175 km/hr (109 mph)   Weight   437 lb / 198.22 kg
  Length Unfolded with Ramp Down   132 in / 335 cm   Minimum and Maximum Wheelbase   64-74 in / 152-188 cmd
  Length with Ramp Up   99 in / 251 cm   Brake Type   Spring Type Mechanical Band
  Total Length Folded   21 in / 533 cm   Power Requirements  110-220 VAC
  Total Width Folded   24 in / 61 cm     


Shop Requirements for Dynamometer

Forklift Requirements

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