Follow the Leader…..New Power Vision Updates

August 18, 2016

In our quest to offer the best possible tuning solution for H-D motorcycles we’re pleased to announce a few new features.  As always please be sure to use the PV Update Client to ensure you have the latest software, firmware, and tune database.


Last Public Version = PV_FIRMWARE-2.0.19-1506

New Public Version = PV_FIRMWARE-2.0.23-1526

Date Posted Live = 5/26/16


Last Public Version =

New Public Version =

Date Posted Live = 5/26/16


  • Automatically clears DTC’s and Adaptive Fuel Trims after you flash a tune
  • Added support for ECM software level 618 calibrations
  • Update Client can now be launched from within WinPV > Setup > Check for Updates


  • Info button on PV Tool Bar will now also check for updates and advise if it’s needed




  • Added 36 new calibration items, some of which are only available to Certified Power Vision Tuning Centres. Public items include:
Closed Loop Minimum MAP
Closed Loop Minimum MAP Hysteresis
Knock Control Minimum MAP
Knock Control Minimum MAP Hysteresis
Knock Control Minimum RPM
Knock Event Spark Retard Adder
Knock Event Spark Retard Adder VS RPM
Knock Spark Retard Removal Rate
Knock Spark Retard Removal Percentage
Knock Spark Retard Removal Percentage VS RPM
Left Fan Speed Enable
Left Fan Speed Disable
Left Fan Temp Enable
Left Fan Temp Disable
Left Fan Key-Off Time
Left Fan Key-Off Min Temp
Right Fan Speed Enable
Right Fan Speed Disable
Right Fan Temp Enable
Right Fan Temp Disable
Right Fan Key-Off Time
Right Fan Key-Off Min Temp


ScreenShot204 ScreenShot203