**Introducing Power Vision CX for Polaris Off-Road Vehicles**

January 4, 2017


Power Vision CX for Polaris Off-Road vehicles is a performance tuner and data monitor that offers the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and other industry exclusive features.

Developed to tune most modern Polaris off-road vehicles with the Bosch ME17 ECU, including the popular RZR, Ranger, Ace, Sportsman, and General.  The Power Vision CX product suite includes a handheld flash device, vehicle interface cable, and Power Core (Windows PC based tuning and datalogging application).


Flash performance tunes via OEM diagnostic connector, no need to remove and send out ECU

Display vehicle data channels in real-time

Weather resistant for use in all conditions

High contrast display, viewable in direct sunlight


Fuelling revised for maximum power and torque

Spark timing optimized for 91-93 octane fuel

Rev limit raised in high and low gears

Speed limit raised in high and low gears

Torque limiting functions reduced or eliminated

Revised drive-by-wire throttle profiles for high and low gears

Lower fan turn-on temps

Left foot brake mode enabled

Retains ADC and Turf mode where applicable

Boost control for Turbo models


Included with your Power Vision CX


Gives end users complete control of their calibration

Start with the original calibration, or modify/edit existing calibrations

Manage and send tune files to the Power Vision CX

Real-time cell tracing

Monitor and log supported data channels from the ECU

Tune lock option to protect unauthorized sharing