It's time to upgrade your dynamometers electronics

January 24, 2017


As you are most likely aware in 2014 Dynojet Research released their new state of the art dynamometer electronics 'DynoWare RT' and software ‘Winpep 8’. DynaWare RT is the next generation of Dynojet dynamometer electronics and provides dyno owners with numerous new and improved features such as:

-          High speed ethernet communication to PC

-          Wireless network capability

-          Updateable firmware and software via online

-          Higher resolution dyno graphs

-          More precise control when using with eddy current equipped models

-          Read RPM through DJ-CAN device such as a Power Commander V

-          Four DJ-CAN expansion ports (to connect Dynojet performance electronics such a PCV, Power Vision or Wide Band)

-          Four independent 0-5V analogue inputs

-          10 button enhanced sample pendant (For remote control of your DynoWare RT and Power Core)

-          Includes tuning link

-          Wide range of add on accessories available for both the automotive and motorcycle industry (OBDII data link, EZ-RPM, optical RPM sensor, HD data link ...)

-          Dual air fuel system – measure up to two air/fuel ratios readings simultaneously! (Ideal for v-twin engines)

Time to upgrade?

Please e-mail the office on or call on 01995 600 500 and we will arrange you a quote for your upgrade.