Official Fuel Management Device for British Junior Supersport

March 20, 2018

Official Fuel Management Device for British Junior Supersport

The start of the 2018 British Superbike season will also see the launch of the new British Junior Supersport Championship, The Junior Supersport class will be mainly made up of young up and coming riders, racing a variety of different motorcycles ranging between 300-500cc. The class will follow World Supersport 300 regulations and only permit limited changes, however the addition of an additional unit for the calibration of electronic fuel injection is accepted. As predicted, a great number to the starters will be equipping their bikes with Dynojet Power Commander FC’s, which have been officially approved by the International Motorcycling Federation for use in this category.

Compact and easy to use, the Power Commander FC contains the same management capacity of the electronic fuel injection of a Power Commander V. The internal database is able to contain up to 10 different maps, selectable via a command positioned on the face of the control unit itself.

Dynojet Power Commander Fuel Controllers are also available for over 140 different applications, with a retail price of only £193.56 + VAT

More information is available at 01995 600 500