Vehicle Selection

Ignition Module


Gain control over your spark advance curves and tune for maximum performance. The Ignition Module is connected to the PCV with its built in expansion port link and communicates via a CAN interface. As in the case of the Power Commander, the Ignition Module uses OEM style connectors to plug in-line of the stock ignition harness so no cutting or splicing is required. The Ignition Module uses “direct coil driver technology” and allows a high degree of timing adjustment. Its features include:

  • Allows +/-20 degrees of spark advance adjustment
  • Adjust spark advance per cylinder
  • Adjust spark advance per gear
  • Raise your Rev Limit (only available on select models)
  • Adjust timing based on temperature or boost inputs
  • Built In Launch Limiter
  • Individual Cylinder Timing
  • Gear Position Timing
  • Boost/Nitrous Retard Timing
  • Pit Lane Limiter

Rev X-Tend

On select models of bikes our Rev Xtend feature is available when using the Ignition Module. Rev Xtend makes it possible to increase the RPM limit from the factory setting. This feature is intended to be used on engines that have been modified to allow the increased RPM limit.

Note: In order to activate this feature you must first fill out, and sign a waiver. Please contact dynojet for more information on 01995 600500.