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Eddy Current

H-D Fuel Tap

Dynojet’s H-D Fuel Tap is a system for fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycles designed to measure and synchronize fuel pressure readings with other data while conducting dyno tests. Utilizes a precision 0-100 psi pressure transducer and quick disconnects for fast, easy installation and accurate results. Stop tuning around a “problem area” and ensure the fuel system is performing as designed.

*Requires Power Vision
Eddy Current

Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit

Allows load testing by close-looping on rpm, speed or percentage of load. (Included on 250i/250ix series models).

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X Upgrade

Allows dyno to additionally accommodate most other powersports platforms (ATV’s, Side-by-Sides, Go-Karts, and Trikes). Standard feature on “x” model powersports dynamometers.

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Extended Carriage Option

Accommodates 102” wheelbase measured from rear axle to front tire.

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AFR-2 (Dual AFR Monitor)

Measures real-time air/fuel ratios with integrated high-flow “pump” inside dyno (requires shop air).

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Power Vision Tuner Kit

Dynojet now offers Power Vision Tuner Kits that include everything you need to start flash tuning Harley-Davidson® motorcycles using the online Power Vision Tune License system. These comprehensive kits are perfect for small independent shops, or franchised dealers looking to minimize the headaches and maximize profits. Use one Tuner Kit to tune as many bikes as you want with a single Power Vision and buy licenses as you need them!

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Stealth Extraction Interface Kit

Includes professional grade Riv-Nut tool, drill bit, and enough hardware to sample up to 25 bikes! (Includes bolts, washers, Riv-Nuts, specialty bolts, and billet manifold interfaces.) Recommended to be used with Dynojet Gen4 Exhaust Gas Pump.

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Stealth Extraction Interface Kit (No Riv-Nut Tool)

Includes drill bit, bolts, washers, Riv-Nuts, specialty bolts, and billet manifold interfaces.

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Pro Stealth Extraction Interface Upgrade Kit

Includes billet manifold AFR Block and Stud assembly only.

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Torque Cell Module

Measures real-time torque, and allows sweep, step and custom load simulation tests.

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Dual Cooling Fan System

Integrated cooling fans with adjustable arms. 1,800 CFM each fan.

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Monitor Tray

Bolts onto the control panel arm and holds the monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Folding Ramp

Primary Folding Ramp

Gas strut assisted folding ramp bolts directly to the dynamometer.

Folding Ramp

Secondary Folding Ramp

Supplemental ramp for “x” model dynos (both ramps required).

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Power Wheel Clamp

Motor driven wheel clamp controlled through the control panel for securing front wheel without stepping off the motorcycle.

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Power Carriage

Motor driven carriage controlled from control panel for adjusting wheelbase without stepping off the motorcycle.

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Air Brake

Air actuated disk brake used for slowing drum. *not necessary with 250i series dynos*.

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Analog Channel Accessories

Analog Channel Accessories Analog Sensor Cable Kit (Used for connecting customer supplied 0-5v sensors to DynoWare RT Main Control Module – includes 4 harness kits).
Optional Harnesses:
0-50psi Absolute Pressure Sensor
0-100psi Relative Pressure Sensor

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IR-Temp Sensor Kit

Includes 1 0-500F sensor, magnetic base and mounting stand.

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HD Data Link

Connect any Delphi equipped Harley-Davidson® (CAN & J1850) to DynoWare RT to read and sample live data direct from the bike! Whether you are making EFI calibrations, diagnosing a problem or simply getting a horsepower reading, the HD Data Link gives you more data such as volumetric efficiency, spark advance, cylinder temp, and more.

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O2 Sensor Kit

Includes one wideband O2 sensor with harness for use with AFR-2 for dual air/fuel readings. Available in a 6ft or 12 ft harness length.

RPM Lead Kit

Inductive RPM Connection Kit

This new harness kit aids dyno operators in establishing engine RPM signals with select motorcycles. Each harness uses OEM style connectors, plugs in-line with the stock ignition system, and the non-loomed wiring makes it easy for the Dynojet Inductive RPM to clamp onto. Works with several motorcycles: Denso coil ignitions, Ducati, KTM, Polaris, Can-Am, BMW, Aprilia and Harley Davidson.

Dynamometer pit covers

Dynojet Certified Custom Tuning Training

The Power Commander and Power Vision tuning courses certifies Dynamometer owners as “Dynojet Approved Power Commander Tuning Centers” and/or "Certified Power Vision Tuning Centers." The certification course is a 3 day training course held at Dynojet Research Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. The course consists of hands-on dyno training as well as classroom time. Upon completion, "Dynojet Approved Power Commander Tuning Centers" and "Certified Power Vision Tuners" are listed online and are the only Dynojet approved tuning centers for customers seeking custom Power Commander or Power Vision tunes created on a Dynojet dynamometer.

Dynojet On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Cables

Dynojet On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Cables

These cables allow the end user to plug into the On Board Diagnostic connector of the motorcycle to read and/or clear codes and view certain channels using a supplied OBD diagnostic tool. An over the counter OBD diagnostic tool is required. Make sure this tool is CAN compatible.

76950873 OBD Cable Kawasaki 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R
76950872 OBD Cable Ducati 2015-16 Multistrada 1200 / 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299
76950878 OBD Cable Yamaha 2016 Yamaha FJR1300, 2016 Yamaha XSR900
BDII Data Link Module

OBDII Data Link Module

OBDII Data Link Module when used with the OBD Cables (sold separately), allow you to bring the ECU channels into WinPEP 8 and DynoWare RT software in real time. This is huge for dyno users, who can view this data live while using the dyno and sample it in the horsepower graph. Many channels are available but are case by case.