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DynoWare RT



The next generation of Dynojet dynamometer Electronics and Software has arrived.

DynoWare RT is the next generation of Dynojet dynamometer electronics and provides dyno owners with several new features such as: high-speed Ethernet communications to PC, wireless network capability, multiple expansion ports for current and future upgrades, updateable firmware/software via online, built-in true 0-5v Analog Channels and more. The dyno’s configuration file is now embedded inside the DynoWare RT module, so now you can simply connect to any PC that has PowerCore installed. DynoWare comes standard with new Dynojet dynamometers and is available as an upgrade for existing Dynojet models.



10 Button Remote Sample Pendant

The DynoWare RT sample pendant allows you to start/stop sampling, apply the brake to slow or stop the roller, enable and use load control on eddy current equipped models, and navigate inside the WinPEP 8 software without touching a computer.




AFR-2 (Dual Air/Fuel System)

AFR-2 Module measures up to two air/fuel ratio readings simultaneously!

The AFR-2 has two wide band O2 sensor inputs so you can sample two air/fuel ratios at the same time for measuring bank-to-bank. The AFR-2 uses the DJ-CAN system, which allows you to daisy-chain multiple AFR-2 modules to read up to 8 AFR’s. The AFR-2 houses the Gen4 air pump system and comes standard with one O2 sensor. Additional sensors can be purchased at a low cost.