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Model 200i

The Model 200i continues the Dynojet tradition of providing a reliable, repeatable, consistent and easy to use chassis Dyno for a quick and accurate diagnosing of performance problems. The Model 200i offers an improved operator interface through the use of the integrated control console, PowerCore Software Suite and a wider platform for easy loading and unloading. Shop sales, service work and credibility all benefit with a Dynojet chassis dynamometer.

A great feature of the 200i is that it can easily be upgraded to the Model 200ix, 250i, or 250iX at any time. This is especially important to NEW business. They can begin with the 200i and upgrade as their business grows.

Above Ground Standard Features And Equipment

Pit Model Standard Features And Equipment

Dynamometer Specifications Information

Below is a list of the Dynamometer specifications. In addition, you can download a pdf specs. document from below. For additional specifications related questions, please give us a call at: 01995 600500.

  Pre-installation Guide   Download   Standard Carriage Wheelbase Minimum   66 IN / 167 CM
  200i/250i Installation Guide   Download   Standard Carriage Wheelbase Maximum   84 IN / 213 CM             
  200iP/250iP Installation Guide   Download   Extended Carriage Wheelbase Minimum   83 IN / 210 CM*
  Maximum Horsepower / Torque   750 HP / 750 FT LBS   Extended Carriage Wheelbase Maximum   102 IN / 259 CM*
  Maximum Speed   200 MPH / 322 KPH   Air Requirements   100 PSI
  Drum Diameter   18 IN / 45.72 CM   Operating Temp Range   32 to 158 F / 0 to 70 C
  Width   16.37 IN / 41.59 CM   Timing Accuracy   +/-1 Microsecond
  Drums  1   Drum Speed Accuracy   +/-1/100th MPH
  Maximum Axle Weight   N/A   RPM Accuracy   +/-1/10th RPM

  * Extended Carriage is Optional

Shop Requirements for Dynamometer

Forklift Requirements