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Jet Kit (Stage 2)

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klarna product 1
Klarna Prod 2

Dynojet’s jet kits are designed to upgrade every part of your carburetors air/fuel ratio with included step-by-step instructions for whatever you need upgraded. From your fuel needle to the main air jet, Dynojet has extensively tested every component, which means that you’ll see results as soon as you rev the engine.

Take your performance to new heights with a Jet Kit for your motorcycle. Increase power and improve performance throughout the entire RPM range, while improving throttle response and smoothness. Our Jet Kits take the guesswork out of tuning your bike.

Whether your bike is stock or you’ve made some modifications, our Jet Kit will optimize your air/fuel ratio to eliminate rough spots and help you take control of your motorcycle’s power. 


If you’ve made slight modifications to your motorcycle, but still crave more performance, a Stage 2 Jet Kit is the solution. With a Stage 2 Jet Kit, you could see power gains of approximately 8%. This kit is intended for bikes with stock or mildly tuned engines using a well - designed aftermarket pipe with a modified airbox and a stock replacement air filter.

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